Hello Holics | June Updates

Hello Holics

A lot has happened over these last months. Holic Mode started out as a Cosplay business and continues to do so, but recently I've wanted to pursue my weeb dream, and that's to design and make anime and gamer inspired art and apparel. So here we are doing it! Or, well, this is the start of the journey at any rate. I've also realized that I don't really show my face a lot in front of Holics unless it's at a convention. So I'm working hard to put more of myself out there. I know I love putting faces to names and getting to know you Holics. I figured I should do the same.

If you've kept up with this journey thus far, or if you're brand new to the mix, thank you for being a part of my story. Holic Mode wouldn't be the brand it is today without you Holics. 

$125 so far to the Trevor Project

We've raise $125 for the Trevor Project so far Holics! Yall are awesome! 

Don't forget, 20% of all sales proceeds in June go toward this fundraiser. We have a little over a week left. So don't forget to grab that Ice Cream Pride tank, or She-ra vinyl sticker you were thinking about.

OC Debuts

I've been toying with the idea of introducing a set of original characters. It's been on the backburner for months...years really. I think it's time. So I pulled out all my old character sheets, and I'm working away on revamping their looks for the current Holic Mode style. I'll be posting teaser pics on social media and on the Twitch streams. Look forward to them!

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