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Holic Mode Wallpapers

Download your favorites below by saving each image file to your phone, then setting the image as your wallpaper. For live wallpapers, find the download link below the video. Androids can set live wallpapers by selecting them just as you would set a photo as a wallpaper. iPhones need a third-party app like intoLIVE to convert the mp4 into a live photo and then it can be selected as a phone wallpaper.
PROTIP: Our phone wallpapers are formatted to fit best with auto-zoom off
Try out the animated live version of the Holic Starlights Wallpaper!
Holic Starlights Wallpaper
Holic Mode Logo Wallpaper
Rhys Wallpaper
Zuzu wallpaper
Kaji Wallpaper
Jinx Wallpaper
Luka Wallpaper
Rhys Wallpaper
Zuzu Wallpaper
Kaji bomber wallpaper
Jinx Wallpaper
Luka Bomber Wallpaper

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