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I’ve been pondering for the longest time how to combine all the different things I do with Holic Mode into something with a more unified theme and direction. Yes, I have cute characters. Yes, I do cute apparel. But I’ve been wanting to branch into some other essentials like mouse pads, notebooks, and planner pages.  So how to bring all of those together? And what direction does this mean for Holic Mode?

Many of you have heard the story of how Hatsune Miku informed much of the original aesthetic of Holic Mode. Mike has inspired the bright colors, game and geek centric characters, and clean aesthetic. Well, another major source of inspiration for me has been anime lofi with its simple and bright aesthetic and chill vibe. I’ve decided to embrace this as the next direction and pivot Holic Mode as still geek centric, but aimed for the college study and work audience.

 Anime Lofi Holics 2

The Anime Lofi Look

The Holics are getting a lofi look, starting with Jinx next month. The Holics, for the most part, work with an easy-wear street style. I envisioned these lofi looks to have them in oversized t-shirts and hoodie sweatshirts with more muted, but still bright colors.

At Conventions

At conventions you can expect to still see my graphic tees, beanies and bomber jackets, but starting with Tekko Con in July, I’ll also have an array of mouse pads, notebooks, and messenger bags sporting new anime lofi art. 

Zuzu Student Planner Page


As I roll out the new products, I’ll start listing them on the webstore as well, so if you can’t see me at a con, you’ll still be able to grab the new offerings. As for digital products, like the wallpapers and planner pages, these will be released on three different platforms. Currently, I have the minimalist style planner pages available through a sister-store I run with my brother called Planner Life Cafe on Etsy. For the art themed and anime styled planner pages, I offer them on the Tryhard Holics tier ($10) on Patreon along with wallpaper art for phones. After three months I’ll release the Patreon planner pages on the Holic Mode webstore. 

Holic Mode Twitch Stream

Social media

Content is shifting to include desk grams, study lifestyle, study motivation, and productivity inspiration. Twitch is still an art drawing grind hour, and I invite Holics to join if they want something chill in the background while you work on your own grinds. I’ll be still posting art and products, so you won’t miss out on any announcements if you follow me on Instagram (@holic.mode) and I hope to produce more fun and value posts for your Holics! 

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