niko the influencer holic bio
Name: Niko [nee-koh]
Pronouns: He/him
Holic Type: Influencer
Beast Type: Whale
Blood Type: O
Birthday: October 8
Favorite Drink: Pocari sweat, energy drinks
Favorite Music: Anime OST, RnB Pop
Favorite Anime:  Yu Yu Hakusho, One Piece, Demon Slayer
Bio: Niko loves connecting with other people wherever he can, and he’ll never turn down an opportunity to get people engaged with what he’s currently into! He even started streaming and posting videos to connect with even more anime and light novel fans. Charismatic and caring, Niko is always looking to find new interesting people to build his community with. Niko has no problem pouring time and effort into improving skills that capture his attention, even if that means sometimes forgetting to take care of himself!
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