Are you a Creative?

Holics come in all forms, and the same goes for the ways that you express your love for your fandoms. Each of the my OC Holics have their own style of showing love and enthusiasm for their fandoms. One of our types is a Creative!

Luka the Creative Chibi

Creatives love immersing themselves in the worlds of their fandoms. The art, animation, and music of these fandoms are wells of inspiration for them for fan art, fan fiction or even original works. Imagination is a daily exercise for Creatives—they may not put ideas together in the conventional way, but they’ll always find some way to make it work. While they can come across as eccentric, Creatives delight in discovering the weird and quirky that lie just beyond the obvious. Creatives flourish when surrounded by others in the fandom community whom they trust, which means they’ll stay close to those they’re comfortable with. 

Read more about our resident Creative, Luka!

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