Are you a Hype Master?

Holics come in all forms, and the same goes for the ways that you express your love for your fandoms. Each of the my OC Holics have their own style of showing love and enthusiasm for their fandoms. One of our types is a Hype Master!

zuzu hype master

Hype Masters thrive on the energy of others, so if there’s a fandom they’re into, they want everyone else to be into it too! They’re the ones who talk up the upcoming animes in the forums and spam their friends’ message boxes with images of their favorite characters and links to the banger opening songs of the season. Highly extroverted, Hype Masters love group activities. If they’re going to a concert, or planning a cosplay, they’ll convince all their friends that they all want to be a part of the thing too. Hype Masters are ready for fun and feel right at home in chaotic situations as long as there’s a worthy adventure waiting—and if they didn’t come with any friends, no problem, they’ll just make new ones on the spot. People love being around Hype Masters because they can turn any event into the most exciting encounter ever with their “Let’s go!” attitude.

Read more about our resident Hype Master, Zuzu.

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