Are You a Tryhard?

If you've been around Holic Mode for any given amount of time, you've probably seen one or all of the Holics. Each Holic is based on "type" of geekery that I see in myself or have experienced with the people around me. This week we start with the tryhards.
Rhys Tryhard
Tryhards take their fandoms seriously. Very seriously. They tend to be detail-focused and earnest, and they will strive hard for whatever goals they have set for themselves. Not-so-secret perfectionists at heart, Tryhards take a very methodical approach to their involvement in a fandom. These are the fans who memorize which shows their favorite voice actors star in and have a schedule of when new episodes release so they can watch right away.  They relish in accomplishment, whether that be figuring out a puzzle or checking off all the quests on a list. Accomplishment is not just a matter of achievement, but of pride! Tryhards will remain close friends with those whom they open up to, though they won’t shy away from calling someone out when something doesn’t line up to their view of how the world should run. After all, Tryhards have standards for a reason!

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