Are you an Icon?

Holics come in all forms, and the same goes for the ways that you express your love for your fandoms. Each of the my OC Holics have their own style of showing love and enthusiasm for their fandoms. One of our types is an Icon! 

Jinx the Icon Chibi

Icons love the fandoms they love with no shame. Don’t mistake the signature confidence of Icons for arrogance—they know how to enjoy life at their own pace. Icons don’t care if the fandoms they’re into are popular or not and they’ll be the first to tell others that. Whether online or IRL, they thrive at the center of attention. Icons radiate energy and can naturally command an audience while jamming to kpop in the car, posing for selfies, or strolling the hallways of a con. Icons attract others and inspire people to show pride in their own fandoms.

Read more about our resident Icon, Jinx!

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