Circle Skirt Cheat Sheet

Circle Skirts in Cosplay: References and Cheat Sheet PDF

Circle skirts are some of the easiest (albeit time consuming) things to create to add extra flair to a variety of cosplays. While in essence the circle skirt is predominantly used to build, you guessed it, a skirt, these skirts can also be used to add flair and extra twirl to robes, capes and as cosplay decor. There are a variety of types of circle skirts and ways to incorporate them into a cosplay. This is a basic reference sheet with formulas to help you pattern a circle skirt and reference images to help you choose what kind of circle skirt would work best for your project. 
**Note: This post is only a reference/cheat sheet to show you the differences between different types of circle skirts and how they could be used in cosplay. I will make a different post later showing the step-by-step of how to create your own custom circle skirt pattern.

Patterning a Circle Skirt

Materials needed:

-Choice of Fabric to make pattern out of (I typically use plain muslin)

-Measuring Tape

-A Marking Tool (chalk, pen, marker, etc)


-Choice of calculator (used to figure out your radius measurement)


Measurements needed:

-Waist measurement 

- R (radius measurement based on waist circumference)

     +Tip: Use the cheat sheet to know which formula you need to figure out R

- L (desired length of skirt)

     +If you are patterning a High-Low circle skirt, you will need two L measurement: L1 is the desired length in the front and L2 is the desired length in the back

- D (total length of R+L)



Circle Calculator to find R

Mood’s Circle Skirt Fabric Estimator


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