How to Get Your Cosplay Game Back | Getting Motivated, Especially After a Long Break

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Today we're looking at a topic I've seen lots of people talking--or perhaps bemoaning about-- on social media: Getting motivated especially after a long break. With the current lack of conventions, starting a cosplay build so you can post that new content online or so you can scratch that itch to create, can be difficult. I don't know how many other Holics suffer from this, but I know that even if I have a block of time that I could use to build cosplays, sometimes it's starting the process is really hard when there's laundry to be done, puppies to pet, or anime shows to marathon. 

When I get into this kind of funk, I have a couple go-to tips I use to try and get by cosplay game back.

If you've liked these tips, check out what other cosplayers have said on the topic. While these 3 tips are the go-to for me, others may have other ways to get motivated that work better for their situation. Below I've collaborated with five other cosplayers to join in the discussion and share their best tips or stories about getting motivated after a long break. 

Talalovesyou on "How to Get Your Cosplay Game Back"

Talalovesyou Kirara

I am currently trying to get back into cosplay so the advice I can give to you are the tips that are working for me right now.
 When coming back from your period of time off, one thing I would recommend is to start on a small and simple cosplay. In that way, you don’t overwhelm yourself immediately after your break. 
Another helpful tip is to make a time schedule so you have something to look off of and keep yourself on track. Since I already have a busy schedule, I always try to set aside some time each day to work on my cosplay.
Another tip that I would recommend for cosplayers is to gather all the materials you need for your costume. In this way, you will have everything at hand and would not have to constantly stop during the middle of your work to look for other materials.
One tip that I highly recommend to everyone to focus on ONLY ONE project at a time! It’s very easy for us cosplayers to get excited about a new character but once you try to tackle multiple projects at once, it can be much more difficult to stay motivated without burning yourself out. So make sure to finish your first costume before starting one your second one.
While we may have different preferences when it comes to getting motivated to build a cosplay, the one important step that we all we must take is to start the cosplay. Take the first step and the rest will come smoothly and the passion will eventually return to you. Happy Cosplaying!
- Talalovesyou
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Konekoanni on "How to Get Your Cosplay Game Back"

Konekoanni Yuko xxxholic

Photo by: Magicstarfire

Hello Holics! My name is Ari, also known as The Fashionable Cupcake or konekoanni on social media. Today’s topic prompt from Holic Mode is “What’s your best tip for how you get motivated to start, or get back to, building cosplays after a long break?”

Wow, this is a really relevant question for me, and I suspect it is for a lot of you, too. With the cancellation of a lot of conventions due to the pandemic and the stresses of moving to a new house, I haven’t had much time or motivation to work on cosplay. Luckily, I have a few tricks that work for me to get back into things.

Obviously everyone is different, but one of the things that works the most effectively for me is to start with small projects, even better if they can use up stash fabric. Things that can be done in a day or two, like swimsuits, casual dresses, or even non-cosplay projects (masks are a really good one right now). The emotional satisfaction that comes from completing a project goes a long way to gearing you back up to a bigger project.

For example, I’ve been making cute masks, and a cute casual cosplay dress for Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier.

Another thing that helps me get back into cosplay is making improvements to older cosplays! Again, it’s usually something small and easy to accomplish, but it may go along with a much bigger, complex piece that you completed previously.

Some examples of this might be re-styling a wig, repairing damage from previous conventions, or even re-making a small part of the costume. Recently I made a new senshi vest, bow, and collar for my Sailor Uranus cosplay to go with the accessories, boots, and base fuku that I made a couple of years ago.

By keeping up with these small projects that make you feel good about crafting, it’s easier to jump back in to the big, complicated cosplays that are waiting for you! Now I should probably follow my own advice and start working on my next big competition piece…


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Deezumaki on "How to Get Your Cosplay Game Back"

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Coffeecatcos on "How to Get Your Cosplay Game Back"

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FortheLoveofClod on "How to Get Your Cosplay Game Back"

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Holics! Have any of these tips worked for you? Let me know in the comments! 

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