Kaji the Collector Banner
Name: Kaji [kah-jee]
Pronouns: He/him
Holic Type: Collector
Beast Type: Dragon
Blood Type: O
Birthday: May 5
Favorite Drink: Soda pop
Favorite Music: Indie
Favorite Tabletop Game: Pokemon TCG, DnD 
Bio: You’ve seen Kaji waiting in line for that rare collectible figure while trying to snipe the newest ultra-rare trading card release online. He’s super proud of his collections and if you give him a moment he’ll tell you a story about each and every piece. But Kaji doesn’t just care for tokens—he cares for his friends with big brother energy and can always be counted on for a good adventure. Bonus points if there’s rare loot waiting at the end of that quest!
Kaji Art

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