Top 10 Online Sources for Buying Cosplay Materials (Quarantine Edition)

Hello Holics!

Trying to start cosplay builds while you're stuck at home doing social distancing? Joann's not have the fabrics you need and not sure of what places online are still open for business? No fear. Check out these 10 online sources that are still shipping so you can get to building that cosplay! These are all shops I've frequently turn to for sourcing my own materials for cosplay builds. 

**Note: If you google some of these businesses, their online listing may say that they are temporarily closed, but as of me posting this article, that is just referring to their physical shop. All of these shops should still be fulfilling online orders.


1. Starting this list off with Etsy. And while this may seem like an obvious choice, I wanted to highlight this online source because it is geared toward artists and crafters, and has a wide variety of sellers. This is a great starting place for trying to source cosplay materials because you can limit your sources by place to find people who are still shipping and potentially closer to where you live. This is also a great first place to start if you're new to sourcing online and don't know what you're wanting and are unsure of what kind of cosplay materials are out there.

2. If you're looking for a solid online source to buy fabrics for your cosplay builds, give a look. This shop has such a wide variety of fabric types and colors available. They offer good pricing and quality fabrics. One small point of consideration when buying from here is that there are a good handful of fabrics that require a MOQ (minimum order quantity), but usually if there is one it is quite small (1-3 full yards). Despite that, I highly recommend this as an online shop to bookmark.

 Big Z Fabric

3. Big Z Fabric, located in the fabric district of DTLA is a great resource for both single yardage buys and wholesale by the bolt buys. Highly recommend for standard solid fabrics like cottons and chiffon. Also has some specialty fabrics like faux leather and faux furs.

 Blue Moon

4. If you're looking for a place for specialty performance fabrics, this is the place to go. Blue Moon has a wide array of lycra, stretch sequins, stretch mesh and faux furs in a wide array of colors and styles

 Fabrics World USA

5. Fabrics World USA is just as good as Blue Moon in terms of being a place for specialty performance fabrics. I'll bounce back and forth between here and Blue Moon. Usually if one place doesn't have the lycra, stretch sequins or stretch mesh I'm looking for, then the other will. 

 expressions vinyl

6. If you're looking for a solid place for adhesive back or iron on vinyls, Expressions Vinyl is the place to go. No minimums, good pricing, and quick turn around service.

 district leathers

7. District Leathers is an excellent shop if you are looking for raw sheets of leather for your next cosplay project


8. CTS USA is one of my recommendation if you are in need of sewing supplies: needles, thread, zippers, elastic


9. If you are not familiar with Wawak, then click this link now. Wawak is Joann's online for sewing supplies, but better. WAY BETTER. Unless I need a notion that day, I'll order snaps, hooks and eyes, zippers, needles, and thread from here.

 Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

10. Manhattan Wardrobe Supply is a hidden gem for cosplay supplies. They not only deal with basic sewing supplies, but wig and make up supplies as well. Check them out!


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