Are you a Collector?

Holics come in all forms, and the same goes for the ways that you express your love for your fandoms. Each of the my OC Holics have their own style of showing love and enthusiasm for their fandoms. One of our types is a Collector!

 Kaji Collector Holic

Collectors know what they want from their fandoms, and they will go all out to get it. Frequent victims of shiny object syndrome, Collectors will go to any length necessary to obtain said shiny object. These objects need not be literally shiny, nor must they be physical objects. Collectors can relish in making new friends just as much as in finishing off a set of gear. The never-ending quests mean Collectors are also really good at research, whether they have to find the best deal or discover where the ultra-rares are hiding. While the amount of loot and swag can border on overwhelming, Collectors cherish all of their treasure—just ask them. They’re sure to have a story about each and every piece, and will love telling you all of them.

Read more about our resident Collector, Kaji!

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