Make Your Own Custom Pattern Build-A-Long

Materials for the pattern build a long

Hello Cosplay Holics!

On June 13 and 20, 7:30 PM EDT I'm hosting a special two-part sloper build-a-long stream on Twitch TV:

This is a FREE event where you can learn how to build your own bodice sloper, or basic 2D pattern, that you can use and re-use to build your own cosplays. I'll be going over step by step how to take measurements then use those measurements to create your own muslin pattern.

If you would like to join live and build a sloper as I do on stream, you'll want to get the following materials beforehand:


Printed Out Measurement Chart: Download HERE

Measurement Tape: I recommend the yellow 120" kind

30-36" of 44" wide Muslin Fabric

Straight Ruler: My preference is the clear Dritz kind you find in the quilting section of Joann's

[OPTIONAL] Fitted T-shirt: Any fitted tshirt that you wouldn't mind marking on and cutting up. I'll do a spotlight during the first session on the lazy cosplayer's bodice pattern for stretchy fabrics. 

Hope to see you on the stream!

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